Too much craziness. No joke
January 17th, 2013

I wanted to write about things sequentially and although Honduras was first, this is more pressing. All this is too crazy. So my flight out of Boston to head for Japan was delayed and I ended up missing the connection (not my fault, the plane left basically the minute I got out to check which gate it was leaving from D:). That then messed up my entire flight itinerary.

Originally I was suppose to fly from Boston to Minneapolis, and then to Seattle, and then Osaka. However, missing the connection from Minneapolis to Seattle, the best they could do was send me on a later flight to Seattle, and then reroute my flight to Honolulu, and then Osaka. Trust me, I thought it was some mistake when I first saw the changed itinerary. It makes no sense to go to Hawaii….but then again here I am, sitting in the Honolulu international airport…where I will be for another 14 hours. My flight arrives in Japan a day later than anticipated and although my flight is tomorrow afternoon to leave for Osaka, hotels around here are too pricy…There is no free wifi in this airport either T_T

So what does all this mean? Instead of arriving at 4:30 PM on January 17th, I will be arriving at 7 PM on January 18th. Counting from leaving Honduras, I will have spent four consecutive days of my life on 6 planes and in 7 airports. From Tuesday at 10:30 AM in Tegucigalpa, to Atlanta, to Boston, to Minneapolis, to Seattle, to Honolulu, and finally to Osaka. Ridiculous…especially the added layover in Honolulu -.-

I don’t event understand how I am still awake. I haven’t slept for more than an hour at a time and I didn’t sleep at all on the flights back from Honduras…I think it’s the hilariousness of the situation that is keeping me awake.

Some random notes about airports…

Tegucigalpa has free wifi at the gates and it’s pretty decent (compared to Belize’s!). It’s small though.

Atlanta is pretty big, with a lot of restaurants and outlets (important!).

Boston has outlets and free wifi that works well.

Minneapolis is really nice inside. it has tons of outlets and a ton of iPads you are free to use equipped with Internet, and you can order food from them. There is free wifi, but the signal sucks and is basically nonexistent at some gates. The airport is also kinda too big – the terminals are like long rows and they don’t have any points in common except the end – so there is a lot of walking.

Seattle airport was decent. Wifi worked well and there were a good number of outlets.

Honolulu is a disappointment. There is no free wifi and 0 plugs, aside from random corners of areas.

And now I shall be waiting.

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