The Home We Choose
December 31st, 2014

Where is home for you?

Is it where you spent your childhood? Where your parents reside and where you might go back to during the holidays? Is it the place you seek after a long day at work?

A typical introduction-question after the exchange of names, we have all been asked this at some point or another. Living in Boston, where people come from all ends of the world to go to school and work, I have been asked this countless times, and just as many times I have replied with where I grew up, and where my parents are: back in New York. However, while I will always consider New York home, it’s a different kind of home than the one I have made in Boston.

The difference being, New York is the home I was born into, while Boston is a home I made for myself.

Growing up in New York, I didn’t know what life was like anywhere else for a solid 18 years. I did as my parents and general society dictated: go to school, do homework, join clubs, etc. Life was quite linear. Sure there were some choices, like which instrument to learn, or which clubs to join, but in the grand scheme of things, everything was pretty predictable. Even going to college, while it is a choice, is a growing societal norm, and thus another step added to a very linear path.

However, post-college life is much less straight-forward. There is still a predictable path – find a stable job, save money, invest, get your own home/apartment, etc. – but then there is also this sudden realization that you can go off the path, and you can still be okay, maybe even better than okay. However, doing that involves making your own path, which entails choices that have a little more weight than choosing an instrument. The choices in life are no longer simply whether we should take the path that goes left, or the one that goes right, but instead we need to choose whether we want to hike up a mountain, or drop down into an underground cavern. And the paths don’t all lead to the same destination. It’s not about a common finish-line and either taking the short or the long way; it’s finding something entirely different.

My childhood lies back in New York, and maybe it could have also been what I consider home had I stayed, but I didn’t choose to stay. I chose to move to a new place; but home is not about the physical location anyway. It’s where the life we choose, happens.

Any physical place can be a home, but the one on the path we choose is home.

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