The calm before the storm
December 30th, 2012

Christmas and home have been great so far: a little too relaxing. I’ve become quite sloth-like, routinely going to bed around 2:30 AM and then waking up around 10:30 AM…terrible >.< [I generally run best on 6 hours of sleep] But aside from waking up late, I can't complain. I haven't been home long enough to get too bored, but I'm not overwhelmed with too much to do either - it's been just the right balance so far.

However, things are going to get crazy fast. Christmas might have passed, and this past week may have been a week full of late starts, but the next few days I expect to be running around a bit more, and then New Years! Twenty-thirteen...time seriously just flies by as you get older...I still have a very vivid memory of last New Years [then again, I have also done the exact same thing for the past four New Years...], and now already a year has passed.

On a different note, because the subject of friendship and relationships with people seems to always plague my mind, I've grown to accept and appreciate more and more the relationships I have with people. I was talking to my mum about it and although I think the idea has been in my head for a while, it keeps being reaffirmed, and I'm okay with it.

There are friends you have fun with, hang out with, and make memories with. You take tons of photos, see each other often, and have a good time with. However, when you're not hanging out, you don't really communicate much if at all, and after time has gone by, there becomes less and less to talk about because you haven't been doing anything together in a while. If you were to meet one on one, you would quickly realize that there is little to talk about and an awkward silence just looms. For better or worse, these relationships probably won't really last into the distant future. They might be held onto by periodic hang outs, but as we get older and real life kicks in, group meet ups and random hang outs undoubtedly become fewer and far between. At the time, they are great and they feel like things will never change and such friendships will last forever, but such surface level relationships can only last for so long before time smoothes them over.

Then there are the friends that you don't see or talk to as often, yet they are the closest and deepest relationships. There may not be many photos or meet ups to reminisce about, but your memories of each other are in your hearts because you know each others'. The late-night phone calls or one on one dinner dates are rare, but they are never silent. Opportunities to hang out are never dull and they are as if nothing has ever changed, despite the time that has passed. These types of relationships are made of memories that might not be as well known to the public, but they are nevertheless there. They are the ones that will last, the ones that you will remember as being meaningful, and the ones that your heart will hold onto.

I got this nifty case for my phone for Christmas…yes that camera is my iphone in disguise…Adventure awaits :]

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  • Maggie says:

    Kinda almost made me cry with that post. True words.

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