Playing in Boston
October 22nd, 2014

The past couple of weeks I have been enjoying Boston in new ways :] A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to The Daily Catch in the seaport area. The restaurant has a really great location that overlooks the financial area of downtown. The service and food could probably be bumped up a few notches, but atmosphere comes at a price too.

I also got to check out the Lawn on D park in South Boston. There was a cool outdoor art exhibit with these light up doughnut-shaped swings. Stuff like this reminds me of the rain room and Yayoi Kusama’s Love Forever that were both at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC [neither of which I had the pleasure of going to due to crazy long lines >.<]. Fun, unique, interactive art :] I wonder what future installations will be…

I got called out for pushing the swings T_T

This past Saturday was crazy productive. I started the day off with a 7 AM run with my friend Winnie along the Charles River. Our destination was Trader Joe’s :] I’ve been to TJ’s before, but I didn’t really appreciate it as much as I should have. I only went their for plantain chips…little did I know that they can supply much more than just snacks… [the pumpkin soup is amazing o.o]. After grocery shopping [I insisted that we go through the store twice], we met with my roommate and another friend from church at Brookline Lunch…in Cambridge…for breakfast… Kind of a misleading name…but the food was awesome, so I’ll take the quirkiness of the name. The food is yummy and the prices are pretty good, so I’ll be back [hopefully...I don't wake up early enough to go out for breakfast or brunch very often...]. After eating, Winnie and I cleaned the apartment [yay productivity], and then headed back out to Harvard Square to go see the Head of the Charles. I’ve been in Boston for over 5 years and I never got to go see all the crew boats, so we watched the boats go by for a while on one of the bridges near Harvard. There were also a lot of vendors and stands along the river; had some amazing peanut butter…hehe. However, “once you’ve seen one boat, you’ve seen them all,” so after a while, we went over to Sofa Cafe on Newbury Street. The place is very pink and very feminine. The decor is cute, but the food is not much of a pull so it was just a good one-time experience. From Newbury, we walked to Haymarket, to go produce-shopping. On the way, we passed through the Boston Public Gardens and Boston Commons.

We had to verify that it was indeed just a picture frame in the middle of the gardens…

I love going to Haymarket; it’s like a cheap farmers produce market that is up every Friday and Saturday, all-year-round. You have to abide but whatever is in season, and sometimes it’s a hit or miss, but it’s so cheap that you can’t really complain too much. After Haymarket, I dropped off my goods at home, and then headed over to evening fellowship at church. Such a crazy-filled day, but it was extremely productive :]

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