One Memento
September 28th, 2012

So, I just found one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of on the internet. It’s called One Memento and basically, it’s a photo app that allows you one photo. One shot. One chance to catch that moment on digital “film,” make it last, and no going back [well sort of...there is actually a 2 hour edit window in case you really do want to take a different picture, because at least with film, if you miss one shot, there is more film...]. I haven’t used mine one shot yet…I’m going to save it. But I’ll say I’m number 1516. The project, or photography experiment is shooting for 250,000 photos.

As much as I love taking photos, it’s true that with the current level of technology and facebook and iphones and everything, we just take a lot of photos. A lot. To capture every moment. But sometimes I think that I’m missing the moment by trying to capture it all the time. Yes, I am that person who takes all the photos. I’m trying to get into the habit of taking a bit fewer, or at least making sure to not lose myself in it. But back in the day, when film was one chance, and there’s no “deleting,” pictures were taken with more care, with more thought. Make sure everybody is looking, don’t blink, and smile. There are only so many shots for a trip. So many memories that can be saved. And only so many copies! Back in the days when I only got one copy of a shot. Now I print photos as if they were water [my record is over 800 photos at once...needless to say I needed more than one envelope from Walgreens at the photo pick-up]. Back to when things just weren’t so easy. There is a certain charm to simpler things [hipster o.O]. Anyways, go out and take your shot – make it count!

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