Karafuneya in Sanjo
February 6th, 2013

Karafuneya can’t help but catch passerbys’ eyes with the giant plastic parfaits in its lobby. In the heart of Sanjo, the store front doesn’t stick out much, except you can’t help but see the wall of other parfaits through the glass doors.

There are literally 100s of different desserts to choose from…my friend and I took over 20 minutes trying to decide. They all look deliciously amazing and although they’re a bit pricy [600 - 1000 yen], I think it’s worth the experience, at least once.

I had the Japanese special for 880 yen, scoops of red bean, black sesame, taro, and green tea ice cream, whipped cream with matcha powder, sliced apple, chunks of peach, red bean, cereal bits, a cherry, a shiratama [mochi-esque ball], and a wafer cookie. It was awesome, and beautifully presented, just like the picture.

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