Japanese people are so kind!
February 15th, 2013

So today while I was eating lunch, I accidentally left my scarf in the cafeteria; it was on top of my bag, which was under the table, and I didn’t notice it fall off. I went to the convenience store with some friends afterwards and while I was walking about a woman who was also getting something from the store tells me in English that she thinks I might have left a scarf back in the cafeteria…! Although she didn’t chase me down [I've had people do that too...my umbrella slid out of my bag while I was walking by myself and someone picked it up for me], she took enough notice to remember what I looked like and she told me…I was really impressed o.O While part of the reason she may have remember was because I was with a huge group of English-speakers…it still was really nice of her! I think of the situation, and honestly, in the US, I don’t think it’d happen like that. People would just not notice or care.

Another example is my friend left part of his lunch at the cash register, on top of the scale to weigh the food. Well into lunch, nearly twenty minutes later the cashier came rushing over to give him his bowl. She remembered who’s it was [1], found him [2], and took the time to give it to him [3]. In the US, I would never expect that, and well, if you leave something behind, I think it would probably just be thrown away.

Speaking of dropping things…I feel like it’s happened a lot since I’ve been here…volunteering at a hospital, someone walked by and didn’t notice he dropped a key…which I returned to him…I wonder why this seems to happen so much…

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