God the Mountain
July 29th, 2015

Why is it so difficult for us to grasp the magnitude of God? Why do we know in our head one thing, but in our everyday actions it is a challenge to desire Him, to thirst after Him the way we do our own wants and aspirations in this world? We focus on our grades and careers, and yet we need consistent accountability and constant reminders to bring us back to Him, even though we know in our head that He is the only one worth pursuing.

This is not to suggest that our personal dreams and physical wants are unimportant, they are just less important when compared to God.

When you look at a mountain from the distance, you know in your mind’s logic and rationale that the mountain is huge. From a distance it looks small, but you know the reality of its greatness. However, from that one plane of perspective, have you ever been a little silly and just put your thumb up in front of your line of sight and you can see that your thumb is larger. Well of course it looks larger, it’s closer and right in front of your face!

This is how we look at our lives and then God, with this sort of near-sightedness. We see what is right in front of us, and due to its proximity, whether that is physically or chronologically, we magnify the size, and thus importance, despite the reality we are well aware of.

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