Bittersweet End
December 10th, 2012

My time in Boston as a student is rapidly coming to an end, and the bittersweetness is just as quickly setting in. This past weekend was probably one of the best and most blessed weekends I have had in my life.

If you knew me since high school, then you’d already know that I am a sucker for friendships, memories, photos, and nostalgic holds onto the past. While I have definitely grown up [even if only a smidgen] since high school, it seems like it’ll be difficult again letting go of one chapter of my life for the next. Like reading a book that is so good that even though the ending is great, you wish it wouldn’t end, because where do you turn to next? The next book might be better, but it might not be. We want to hold onto that book that is going well because we already know it’s good. I want to hold onto this chapter of my life because I am familiar with the characters [people] in it, and I’m all settled in. But just when I get comfortable, I am swept off to the next chapter, the next stage in life.

I feel a bit silly, tearing up here in the darkness of my room, the only illuminants my computer monitor and a single string of Christmas lights, but I can’t help but feel a bit sad that it all has to end. Life in college is truly unique and I am comfortable; I don’t want to leave just yet.

This past weekend, I had a beautiful time hanging out with friends from my fellowship. We made cupcakes, got our hands sticky with frosting and graham cracker “ginger-bread” houses, and just sang and praised God together. For the first time ever I cried in public out of happiness, and I can’t express how happy, thankful, and just blessed I felt. It didn’t feel like the end because I’d been in that room so many times before, with these people for so long, but it’s hard to think that it will end.

I also had the honor of attending a Christmas party with some of the other church members that I serve with. I participated in a white elephant gift exchange for the first time, ate good real home-cooked holiday food, and reminisced over childhood television shows.

I even got to make awesome grilled cheese sandwiches and soup with my church’s Soulfood ministry team, eat Korean food with good friends, and attend a lovely concert. And now I finish off my evening with Christmas music and lights.

The end to a beautiful weekend.

Onto the next chapter.

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