Bits and Pieces of the World
November 9th, 2015

I have a small bedroom in Cambridge, MA. A twin-size bed, a nightstand, a small dresser that is lower than my hip, a 5 shelf bookcase. There is a keyboard that has unfortunately become more of a piece of furniture than an instrument, and an exercise mat that has a near-permanent spot on the floor. There are photos on every wall, and a string of more photos, tickets, cards, letters, and random things accumulating throughout the year.

I have always had a lot of stuff in my bedroom. Not in a messy way, but more of a sentimental arrangement of memories. Everything on my shelves are for display. Things to be simply stored are to be kept boxes, hidden in the depths of my not-so-deep closet.

Finally with some brief moments of idleness, when I can just sit on my bed, without my eyes necessarily glued to my computer screen, I realized that I have so many bits and pieces of the world staged in my small room. I realized a sense of thankfulness for all of the places I myself have been fortunate enough to have traveled to, as well as all of the undeserved love I have received from friends and their own adventures.

The most recent addition is a scarf from Ghana on my small dresser. Also on that dresser is a blown glass cup of pens from Queensland, Australia, a ceramic dish from El Salvador, a small version of a traditional lunchbox from Burma, and a framed map of my own world escapades. On the spire of the lunchbox are bracelets collected from Honduras, Belize, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, and Singapore.

On the shelves of my bookcase are a couple of stuffed toys from Burma, an oil painting from Paris, France, a watercolor piece from Rome, Italy, and a metal replica of Trefalgar Square in London, Great Britain. There is a little container from Singapore, another small one from Cambodia, and a hand-made container from a Japanese friend.

On the headboard of my bed is a cloth from Japan. A pyramidal pillow from Singapore nearby. My nightstand beside has a scarf from Ecuador. The corner of my room also has a paper umbrella from Burma.

My bedroom may be small, but there is a lot in there.

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  • Kya says:

    I loved reading this. So many wonderful items that I am sure bring back a lot of different memories! :D

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