I like to take naps on the grassHello! My name is Kimmy, and welcome to Snapski. A New York native, I began web designing way back in 2004. At the time the site had a different name and a different purpose, but it has eventually developed into what Snapski is today: a space to express myself – whatever that means.

Whether cafe questing, cake baking, picture taking, or winter running, I find a lot of spontaneous joy in life.

I’m currently back in Boston working and learning how to be an adult, which is a bit challenging at times because I’m a kid at heart, but I’m working on it.

I have a dog named Miki who I might stick in some posts; she is a 4 year old cairn terrier who is a bit too cute for her own good. I also previously had another cairn terrier named Casey.

Want to contact me?
Leave a comment on the site or shoot me an email at ryuumizux@gmail.com.

Some photos…

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